Our Small Victories campaign is to promote the achievements that are realized each and everyday but often go unnoticed. These victories, which can be as simple as eating a healthy meal or showing up for work, are truly unrealized Small Victories.

Our Small Victory Mission is Simple:

“With every task completed, every act of kindness shared, and every dream followed, a Small Victory is realized. At the Big Salad, we believe happiness is achieved one Small Victory at a time.”

I would like to personally thank each of you for all that you do in making The Big Salad a better place to eat, to work and to own. Every day you are part of our family is truly my Small Victory!

Very truly yours,

John A. Bornoty
Founder & President

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Recent Small Victories

  • Gluten free

    My fellow celiac friends and I just discovered this place last month and are completely thrilled! It is so easy to eat without gluten with the salads made at The Big Salad! Hoping for more gluten free soups!

    Submitted by Jojo in Texas

  • No cupcakes

    Last night i didnt go out to the store for some cupcakes and i wanted to really wanted to. Now i am at big salad.

    Submitted by Tanya in Detroit

  • run!

    i ran 4 miles this morning!

    Submitted by doug in ann arbor

  • not a hermit

    Depression and anxiety have been keeping me indoors. Today, I pushed myself outside and went swinging!

    Submitted by Cathy in Ann Arbor

  • Awesome

    Finally found what works for me to lose some weight. ♡

    Submitted by Jenni in Michigan

  • A Yummy Wrap

    After eating a very good wrap from here, now I make them more often which means I'm eating healthier more often.

    Submitted by Anne Faro in Wixom, Mi

  • skipped lunch

    Planned on eating big salad for lunch. But big salad decided to take an impromptu vacation day, ruining my lunch! Went to pei wei instead. Way better. Won't be back ever again!

    Submitted by b in troy, mi

  • Finally

    I pooped today thanks to the big salad.

    Submitted by Josh williams in Michigan

  • ms.

    I typed in salad near me. ..because i wanted to eat a salad. This resturant plus bigboys..came up. i decided to try it. .What a nice experience. .it's 5 miles from home but well worth the drive. .I'll be back again. .I'll make some of my dates bring me here....

    Submitted by Celeste Rose in Roseville MI

  • woo

    I love to eat salad all the time now!

    Submitted by Carter in

  • still have a job

    I didn'tquit my job while being forced to work unpaid overtime this week!

    Submitted by john in Madison heights

  • 13.1

    I ran my first half marathon this past sunday!

    Submitted by Joan in Beverly Hills, MI

  • Big salad wins

    Instead of stopping by McDonald's I came to the big salad.

    Submitted by Mia in Harrison twp

  • Cleaning House

    I just bought a house and cleaned one drawer in the kitchen. I celebrated by having a big salad. Baby steps, Bob.

    Submitted by Mike in Novi

  • Eating Healthy

    I used to not eat healthy but now I can eat healthy thanks to whole foods

    Submitted by Vivek in Ann Arbor

  • Husband

    My small victory is getting my Husband to finally join my son and me at Big Salad for a great meal. He is not big on salads, so I feel this to be an accomplishment on my part. He truly enjoyed the salad to!

    Submitted by Sharon in St. Clair Shores

  • Back at it!

    Just learned about small victories today!! I have started my workout routine again and have worked at 5 days out of 7 this week!

    Submitted by Rachelle in Madison Heights

  • Stepkid

    My step kid said he loved me today!

    Submitted by Maureen in Troy

  • Good Eatin'

    Learned about Small Victories yesterday. Going to commit to eating better for the month of May

    Submitted by Bill in Cincinnati

  • Victory!

    I graduate from the University of Michigan May 9th! I completed the program through much diversity.... My father passed away a year ago and my mom has been in ICU since October! Go me!!!

    Submitted by Lauren in Royal Oak

  • Victory!

    I held my tongue when it would have been easier to let it fly!

    Submitted by Dave in Ann Arbor

  • Drinking more water

    I have been drinking water everyday at lunch. Trying to eat healthy is hard enough. Just taking baby steps in the right direction.

    Submitted by Sam in Pontiac

  • We Have An Agreement

    Chad and I needing something to agree on at work, have agreed to go to Big Salad for Lunch. No agreement contract needed, just our empty stomachs.

    Submitted by Kenneth and Chad in Harper Woods

  • puppy!

    I helped a lost pit bull find its owner.

    Submitted by julia kirkpatty in Birmingham

  • Cleaned up

    I finally washed my hair last night... It'd been a while.

    Submitted by Courtney in Bingham Farms

  • Endured The Flood

    Our family room flooded a week before Christmas. We have endured weeks of recovery and repair. Now we have our room back. We now have a place to enjoy our Big Salads on Friday nights.

    Submitted by John and Amy Ferguson in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  • Food Journal

    My girlfriend has made a commitment to change her health and lose weight. I support her and am her biggest cheerleader as she tackles the tough task of journaling everything she eats. Amazing.

    Submitted by MJ in Farmington Hills

  • Mr.

    A small beagle from a canine rescue we were working with, ran into traffic on a busy highway. He was hit by a car and couldn't get up. My wife ran into the street, in heavy traffic, and picked up the beagle to bring to safety. The next car would have killed the beagle.

    Submitted by Ken Golos in Farmington Hills, Michigan

  • Mr.

    Won his hockey tournament.

    Submitted by Robert Kobliska in West Bloomfield

  • 6.5 lbs down Feel Great

    3 wks lots of veggies & lean protein, no sugar, whole grains & my jeans are baggy - feel great, not hungry - bikini this summer?

    Submitted by in Birmingham

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